scott greaves

Scott Greaves, president, datacom/ota

Techie, problem solver, and data rescue specialist, Scott Greaves is a believer in education, doting father, and the computer nerd of the agency.

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Self-education, hard work and on-the-job training has made Scott the master computer analyst and systems manager he is today. His innovative thinking and ability to evolve with the ever-changing scene of technology has made him an invaluable asset of, and partner with, Out There Advertising.


After a few years in retail, Scott wanted something more. So, he started to read every computer programming book he could get his hands on. His education opened the door and he made the leap into computer technology. After a year of working for a local computer company, Scott struck out on his own. Continuing to grow and develop, a business partnership with Out There Advertising was born and continues to this day.


After four years as Retail Store Manager at Radio Shack, Scott landed a position at Connecting Point Computer Center. After gaining experience there, he launched his own company, DataCom of Duluth, in 1992. Evolving with the industry and his own interests, Scott focuses on sales and service of computer hardware and software as well as editing videos and developing Web sites and interactive technologies. He even taught college courses on these subjects. In 2007, he created DataCom/OTA, and subsequently teamed up with Out There Advertising.


A former Boy Scout who still volunteers on service projects, Scott isn’t limited to being a computer specialist. When not indulging his love for cooking, he can often be found hitting the bicycle trails, eating donuts in West Duluth or confusing people with his computer coding jargon.

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