Mindy Holding Two Billboard Designs.

Mindy Aubin

Media Director

How did you find OTA?

Through a friend who was an OTA intern and told me about the Media Assistant position opening at the time.

What do you like most about your work?

I enjoy finding the best media options for our clients and I also like that it’s always something new every day – keeps things interesting.

Besides OTA, what company did you enjoy working for most? Why?

Probably TJ Maxx. I’m sure you could guess why. But really, besides the shopping, the management team was great and I made a lot of friends after four years there.

Little known secret about you?

It’s not really a secret but I love dogs and pretty much can’t look at one without saying “omg look at that dog” to whoever I’m with.

What’s your favorite childhood toy?

Buzz Lightyear or Beanie Babies (yes, I had a birthday party for one of them).