Tom Jamar taking a phone call

Tom Jamar

Account Executive

What name do you go by most often?

For the most part it’s Tom. Some call me Jammer because even though I had six siblings before me, teachers could not pronounce my name.

Where did you go to school?

UMD, majoring in Criminology and Sociology with a Psychology minor. If someone steals your lunch at work, I can usually find the offender.

What do you like most about your work?

Finding the best ways for businesses to connect with customers. It’s even more fun if it’s trying something they’ve never done before.

You’re a castaway on a tropical island. What is the one thing you would need/want most?

Are you kidding? A hat!

Besides OTA, what company did you enjoy working for most? Why?

WDIO-TV. My coworkers were great and even though Duluth is a smaller TV market they let me implement big market ideas.