Lakewalk Surgery Center – 20 Years of Excellence

In 1999, a gallon of gas was just a $1, dial up internet was all the craze, and Facebook was still 5 years from even being born.

Twenty years later – a lot has changed.

One thing that hasn’t is Lakewalk Surgery Center’s track record of excellence.

With more than 80 accredited physicians with privileges, Lakewalk operates as an independent outpatient facility designed for quality, comfort, and efficiency.

Since they opened their doors in 1999, more than 170,000 procedures have been performed there. Their patient satisfaction rating is 98 percent.

At Lakewalk, excellence is all in a day’s work.

To celebrate 20 years of excellence, we developed a creative campaign and communications strategy utilizing a combination of traditional and digital media.

Check it out.

Lakewlak Surgery Center - Mock Print Ad