Logo Madness

This weekend Minnesota played host as thousands of people flocked to the Twin Cities to attend the NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament. As we all know at Out There Advertising, the most important part of each tournament isn’t actually the basketball, but the Final Four logo.

Since the tournament’s inception, Minnesota has been the site of the Final Four four times- in 1951, 1992, 2001, and 2019. In 1951 there was no logo commemorating the top four teams because the term “Final Four” had yet to be coined. Minnesota’s first Final Four logo, in 1992, was very understated, with a simple blue and red color scheme and the state’s outline as the background for the logotype. The nickname for Minneapolis and St. Paul played heavily into the 2001 logo, featuring two twin basketballs to represent the Twin Cities and stayed within the same blue and red color scheme.

MN Final Four Logos

NCAA Final Four TC Logo 1992

This year’s logo differs greatly from both past Minnesota logos and Final Four logos from recent years. The design boldly features shades of blue and green and imagery of Minnesota landscape including a forest (made up of four trees for the Final Four) and the Mississippi River. Minnesota’s nickname, “The North Star State” is also represented by a total of four stars with one notably bigger star. The look and feel of US Bank Stadium can be seen in the angularity at the top of the logo.

We’re hoping the next time Minnesota gets to host the final games of March Madness, they might consider the true “Star of the North”, Duluth. We took the liberty of putting together some inspiration for how to include our city. Duluth 2027?

Duluth Final Four

Final Four Logos Northern Concepts