olivia mesedahl

olivia mesedahl, Administrative and Media Assistant

A woman with a knack for figuring things out, Olivia's bright smile will be the first thing you’ll see when you walk through our front door.  

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Determined to finish her degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth early, Olivia rocked out her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Hispanic Studies in three years! To Olivia, her degree choice simply means that she likes to chat ... in multiple languages


Olivia’s past experience is based in sustainability. During college, she was the President of the Student Sustainability Coalition, which led to her to other adventures including a position with Minnesota Sea Grant as a Communication Specialist. Olivia likes staying really busy, so she also held multiple retail positions throughout college.


Olivia considers herself a homesteader at heart – baking bread, fermenting food and dreaming about living simply. Most weekends you’ll find Olivia trying to keep up with her soon-to-be-husband on the mountain bike trails around Duluth.

My World

“My perfect morning begins with a breathtaking view of Lake Superior. Oh, and who says you can’t mountain bike to work in a dress?” ~Olivia