5 Reasons to Rebrand

Your company’s image is an essential part of customers’ decision-making process. To ensure you’re putting your best face forward with consumers, a rebrand might be in order. So how do you know when it’s time for a refresh? Here are 5 reasons to freshen up your branding:


#1 – Your services or mission have changed.

It’s natural for your services or products to evolve and grow as time goes on. If your image no longer fully represents your business, rebranding may be necessary to maintain a clear and concise message. You could be losing potential customers who are unsure of all you have to offer. For example, JoAnn’s Fabrics rebranded to JOANN to better convey their range of products. They carry more than just fabric and with a simple, yet powerful name change customers can now see that.

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores Logo

#2 – Your target audience has changed.

Not attracting the audience you want? Or looking to attract the next generation? Rebranding can help you reach new audiences. First, research your new target audience then refine your goals and messaging to meet the needs and wants of the demographic. Old Spice rolled out a cheeky new brand campaign, featuring professional athletes and actors, in order to break away from their somewhat dull and stuffy image. Their new, funny, and off the wall advertisements racked up millions of views online and successfully connected with their younger target audience.

Old Spice Image Ad Smell Like A Man, Man.

#3 – You want to differentiate from your competition.

Help your brand stand out in a crowd by rebranding. Start by researching your competition and figure out how you are different. Capitalize on what makes you unique or reposition yourself so you are. Break out of the sameness in your field by featuring the value you bring to customers. The workplace collaboration software, Slack, launched their updated branding in early 2019. Their original hashtag logo brought to mind thoughts of hashtag laden social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Adding to the confusion was their use of 3 different logos because their primary logo used 11 colors. (11 COLORS!) Their rebrand helps solve these problems. Using shapes that resemble message bubbles, the new logo reflects one of the software’s primary uses, workplace messaging.

Slack Logo in color

#4 – You want to shake off an old image.

Rebranding can help separate your business from a negative reputation, event or association. It is a visual representation of your effort to move forward and can help your customers see you differently. Burberry went through a rebranding to help them disassociate from their reputation of being the brand of choice for gangs in England. They recruited celebrities for their new campaigns and successfully marketed themselves as a luxury brand without changing their products or prices.

Model with Burberry Handbags.

#5 – Your brand is outdated.

It happens to everyone- styles come and go- and as they do you might need to update your company’s branding. Outdated branding has the potential to affect your credibility with potential customers. Something to keep in mind when rebranding is to avoid ultra trendy designs so you don’t end up in the same position a few years down the road. You also don’t want to start completely from scratch – a simple refresh can be enough to add life to your brand. Don’t abandon your whole identity that your customers have come to know. Take a look at how we at Out There have refreshed our brand over the years. You can see we kept our core branding each time and simply updated the style to remain current.

Out There Advertising Logo 1997