Run, Out There, Run!

Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth brings together thousands of runners each year from near and far in hopes of winning the race, beating their personal record, or, for many, simply crossing that finish line.

Two of those brave souls, were our very own Mindy Aubin and Bailey Sutherland – who both laced up their shoes, and decided to tackle the half this year.

We were fortunate to capture some of their pre-race training, as well as their post-race reactions for your viewing pleasure.

Mindy Sets a PR

Mindy’s half marathon journey started back on October 1, when registration opened and her and her boyfriend Cole decided to team up and run it for the first time together. Neither of them necessarily “love” to run, however, they regularly work out and figured it was time to cross a Duluth-staple off their bucket list. While training, the most they ever ran was 7 miles, a mere 6.1 miles less than what they’d run on race day. Mindy’s one goal? Finish in less than two hours. Fortunately, thanks to some miscalculations on their actual pace, Mindy and Cole kicked it into overdrive the last few miles and crushed their goal, finishing in 1 hour and 52 minutes. A few days following the race they seem to still be experiencing runner’s high – having thrown around the idea of registering for the full marathon next year.

Bailey Politely Says “No Thanks” To Training, Still Crushes It

Bailey’s journey started out similarly, signing up for the half marathon on October 1 and promising herself she would train for it this year. Note, last year, she ran the full marathon with minimal training (not something she would advise). Spirits and hopes were high months out when training started, until Bailey came to the realization that she actually doesn’t like running … and, once again, stopped training. The race went about as well as could be expected without training (again, not advised). At this time, Bailey isn’t planning on signing up for another marathon. However, we’re not quite convinced this cycle won’t repeat itself at least one more time. Regardless, Bailey proved she is a true athlete – and clearly a little bit crazy.

Both our runners made it into the office Monday morning with stories, medals, and a few sore muscles. Congratulations to all who ran!

Until next year, Grandma’s.