“Still Out There” Finally Crosses the Finish Line

Hey everyone – Alyssa here, the newest member of OTA – and the lucky one who gets to share the deets of our team’s recent endeavors in The Great Duluth Race.

Thursday, June 27, the Out There team embarked on a journey which brought together Duluth Chamber members to compete in a massive scavenger hunt throughout downtown Duluth and Canal Park.

With 20 teams competing (including two of our own), the race consisted of more than 100 “missions” with rewards ranging from 400 to 1000 points. At the end of the race the team with the most points won!

First order of business – create a team name. After a lot of contemplation (as well as running out of time), OTA landed on ‘Still Out There’.

One might ask, still out where? This play on words referred to being the last stragglers finishing Grandma’s Marathon, as well as, of course, the company name. With the team name chosen, we had to make sure we dressed the part. So we laced up our running shoes, pinned on our bib numbers and threw on the sweatbands.

At the end of the day, our teams earned a combined total of 45,100 points. Good for fourth and fifth place, respectively. Although our egos were a bit bruised, we still left feeling like we had won something. We came, we learned, we bonded, and we had fun. Below are a few of our favorite missions completed during the race!

Piggy Back – Get a piggyback ride from a stranger – 400pts

Please mom? Take a turn on a coin operated children’s ride – 400pts

Ride Along – take a picture of a team member in the back of a police car – 500pts

Celebrity Craze – Find a celebrity and pretend to be their biggest fan, must get an autograph on a body part – 1000

Take a Dip – Find a body of water and take a video of a team member jumping in fully clothed – 1000pts

A huge thank you to the Duluth Chamber for putting on such a fun event – we can’t wait for next year!