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The Great Waffle Off 2018

The other day, Sean said he had four waffle makers so there was only one logical thing to do… cook waffles! Our minds started to churn and we churned up “The Great Waffle Off 2018.”

The only rule is two rules – you have to cook in a waffle maker, but you can’t cook with waffle ingredients. A name drawing was held and four chefs were chosen. Leaving the rest of the agency to judge on three categories: creativity, flavor, and presentation.

Waffles cooked were:

  • Mac n’ cheese waffle
  • Cinnamon roll waffle
  • Crab cake waffle
  • Cheesy tater tot waffle

Four waffle makers were set up side by side in the small quarters of the OTA kitchen and we were off to the races. Tears were shed, blood was spilled, and sweat was flowing as the competition heated up. One-by-one, each chef presented their non-waffle waffle to the judges. Some looked great, some tasted great, and there were some questionable looking waffles in the mix.

As the judging forged on, the chefs’ nerves rose in the back while waiting for results. They were then called in. One-by-one, chefs were eliminated. First gone, cinnamon roll waffle. Second, mac n’ cheese. It’s down to two, and it’s a tight battle. After long debate amongst judges and a final question to the last two chefs a winner was chosen. Crab cake waffle!

At the end of the day, we were still friends and enjoyed a (slightly questionable) company lunch.