Our Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

Yesterday was a big day – a big day in football and an even bigger day in advertising. The nation’s top brands spent an estimated $400 MILLION in commercials during the big game, with each 30-second spot selling for around $5 million. That’s 125x the price of the commercials during the first Super Bowl in 1967.

The commercials had us laughing, provided inspiration and even brought us to tears. Here are our Top 5 Super Bowl LIV commercials:

#5 Secret – The Secret Kicker

After watching Secret’s commercial, we couldn’t help but feel inspired. Their ad depicted a football team scoring a game winning field goal before revealing that the kicker was a female. The ad put a positive spotlight on women’s equality and women in sports – a fitting subject at the first Super Bowl featuring a female coach.

#4 Doritos – The Cool Ranch

Doritos pulled in audiences of all ages as Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott had a cowboy dance battle. From the dancing mustache to the dancing horse to the Billy Ray Cyrus cameo, we thought Doritos did a killer job of corralling viewer’s attention with their cross-generational approach.

#3 Amazon – Before Alexa

Amazon created a great parallel in its “Before Alexa” commercial by taking us back to simpler times in order to open viewer’s eyes to just how simple its technology has made everyday functions. In each scenario, someone with an Alexa-esque name hilariously attempted to complete an everyday task, all which can now be done in just seconds with Amazon’s Alexa.

#2 Rocket Mortgage – Comfortable

Rocket Mortgage really surprised us when what started as a serious ad turned into a series of ridiculous events. In the ad, Jason Mamoa peels off his muscles and luscious hair to be his ‘real self’ at home – a balding, skinny Jason. We couldn’t stop laughing at the over-the-top absurdity of it all.

#1 Google – Loretta

The top spot goes to a real tearjerker. Google brought tears to our eyes with their commercial that showed an elderly man using Google to help him remember and reminisce about his late wife. Another great example of a tech company combatting the idea of a ‘digital divide’ and illustrating that no matter who you are or how old you may be, you can find utility – and experience powerful moments – with Google. By the end, we were reaching for the tissue box.

Our Honorable Mentions:

Hyundai – Smaht Pahk

Kia – Tough Never Quits

Bud Light – Inside Post’s Brain